Our Testing Centre of Excellence at Magic Square Technologies is deeply rooted in thorough domain knowledge, big picture vision of business solution, Application knowledge, Agile testing processes and methodologies, Testing tools, ready-to-use configurations, and customize-on-the-fly automation frameworks. Our goal is aimed at maximizing defect prevention rather than defect detection.
We get involved from the very early cycle of the project to achieve a zero defect delivery. Below tasks are performed in our complete test management:

Our testing services include, but not limited to

  • SRS review for any issues or ambiguities
  • Issue Clarification from Customer and Project Team
  • Analysis of Test Conditions and Scenarios
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Writing
  • Test Execution
  • Test Environment Management

Defect Management and Defect Follow-up
We automate the Test Scenarios which are feasible for automation and which can be automated within the timeline agreed upon for testing.