Product Design and Engineering

MGS provides engineering services across the entire spectrum of CAD and CAE. We serve our clients at various product development stages, starting with concept design, design validation including certification, first flight clearance.
MGS has both technology and CAD/CAE/CAM tools expertise, and has the necessary infrastructure to effectively support its customers’ needs, thereby significantly reducing the cost and time.
MGS has highly skilled resources with a wide range of industry experience such as aerospace, automotive and general engineering. We strive to deliver the time, cost and quality for every project undertaken by applying the industry’s best practices. We believe in continuous improvement in quality and processes.
MGS has capability in executing projects on Concept Design, Detailed Design and Design Optimization or Redesign of various aircraft commodities including fuselage, wing & winglet, control surfaces and mechanical systems.

Product Support:

Dynamic Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Structural Analysis
GFEM and DFEM modeling and Analysis
Detailed Stress Analysis
Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
Residual Strength

Major Services:

Product Support
Manufacturing support
Testing Support
Service and Repairs
Life Extension
The international aerospace industry has a number of special requirements that it needs to meet, such as strict safety regulations, reduction of environmental impact and high cost pressure. Innovative solutions are required for the further development of aircraft, missiles, space vehicles and satellites. We have been considered a reliable partner by customers in the aerospace industry for years, based on our expertise and experience in lightweight design, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and analysis and design of components and materials.