Management Structure

Management Structure:

  • Business Development – in charge of determining company strategy and future growth and R&D; these activities are considered to be the core pumping heart of the business, therefore they are all in sourced.

  • Engineering Operations and Consultancy Services – enabling the company to realize the value proposition by supporting the carrying out the initiative of business development and support the core functions of the business – Engineering consultancy related activities; strategy and monitoring activities are held internally, while all the remaining ones are outsourced, particularly (Information Technology) IT projects implementation, except the team will use our external IT team member and a hired IT team member to oversee the outsourced IT work.

  • Finance and Administration – providing the back office activities to keep the company’s engine running; G&A functions are internalized since at the starting phase they will be maintained as lean as possible. Legal activities will be outsourced to leverage market competencies.

  • Sales and Marketing – offering sales force management, marketing strategy, pricing and after sales support; strategy and marketing activities definition will be held internally, while sales force will be constituted by external agents.


This scheme allows the company to be divided into organic and functional areas focused on key activities areas, allowing fast and dynamic business management and strategy definition/implementation.


There would be three main processes:


  • “Product to market” – process that drives new business ideas creation and execution. It starts from the Business Development function (opportunity chasing, market analysis, business plan creation) and goes through Engineering Operations/IT (implementation plan and execution, monitoring), ending with Marketing and Sales (marketing strategy and execution).

  • “Client/community to value” – process that leverage data from running the business as usual to create further sales opportunities deriving from consumers data mining. Business Development is in charge of data management and report creation through close collaboration with Engineering Operations/IT to exploit both web platform and applications. Then, Marketing & Sales is in charge of the contract phase with clients.

  • “Support core business” – all G&A, HR, Legal and Office management processes.

Currently, we have human resources (M/s Danbro Accounting) for managing company finance transactions, and we ourselves provide consultancy, support and handling development / customization for our clients on smaller scale.

Board of Directors:

Prakash Shanthenu,

Magic Square (UK) Technologies Limited
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