Why Magic Square

Magic Square (UK) Technologies Limited (MGS) is one of the leading engineering and technology consulting firm based in the United Kingdom, providing services and product solutions to the leading IT firms, world’s leading automotive and aerospace OEMs and specialising in engineering analysis, mechanical design, and virtual product development using computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques and robotic solutions using AI.

MGS also focuses to become one of the key innovation drivers in the CAE/CAD/IT industries. The development, nurturing and marketing of new ideas are firmly embedded in our processes. We are also continually working on a number of research projects, the findings of which represent a milestone in product or process optimisation and open up new fields of application.

Partnered with Health Solutions Technologies, we shall provide support in designing and marketing cleaning technology products such as static sanitising UV tower, manual and autonomous/self-driving AI sanitising robots, to sanitise large areas such as offices, malls, airports, hospitals, etc. We have a number of leading sanitisation products in fixed air, surface and robotics. Product lines include, static sanitising UV tower and autonomous UV disinfection robots, A/c evaporators, ET condensers, UVC Air disinfection Industrial equipments, and water disinfection units.