MGS history

Achievements so far

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) PLC is amongst the top clients of us. Recently we have signed a consultancy contract with MSx International.

Current engineering consultancy role as a CAE Analyst or Project Engineer, is to assist in coordinating and monitoring CAE analysis work requests and CAE plans for all Engine and vehicle specific programmes.

In addition, we also maintain agreed overall work priorities schedule through regular interaction with programme project leads and customer group leaders.

Also, we liaise with relevant supplier(s) to facilitate outsourced CAE work and also track relevant programme assumptions and collate updates to CAE model input data.

Moreover, we also support preparation of analysis output materials and data for presentation at project reviews as necessary.

Further, we also carry out NVH analysis of a variety of Powertrain (PT) systems using FE methods and Super-element (SE) dynamic model reduction methods. NVH analyses include Powertrain (PT) normal mode, SE dynamic model reduction and free-free vibration and forced vibration analysis, mount response analysis, exhaust system hanger response analysis, etc.

Also, we devise numerical methods to correlate the simulation results with experimental measurements.

Also, we develop computational techniques to simulate FE or SE analysis of Impact hammer test to predict the first modes or natural frequencies of ancillary components of typical PT assemblies and correlate with the measured resonant frequencies and also to carry out design optimisation studies and fatigue assessments using stress or strain based techniques.

We expect the following years to be quite busy, engaging in various virtual series development programmes and would call for more resources immediately, in the form of 2-3 consultants / analysts working on-site for around an year (minimum) or more.