Vibration and NVH-Analysis for automobile industry

For the automobile industry, we at MGS have specialised on the following calculations in the field of dynamics: Overall natural frequencies: Torsion, Vertical bending, Lateral bending, Front end bending, etc., Also, Modal analysis are performed on Steering column, Replacement wheel recess, Doors, hatches, attached parts, Roof cross members, Module cross members.

Frequency response analyses include Engine and transmission spring mount response, exhaust hanger response, frequency responses to comfort points, Operational vibration modes, Modal participation factors, Local dynamic stiffness, Design of vibration absorbers, Steering wheel shake, Gear shift vibrations.

Acoustics analyses include Sound propagation in passenger compartments, Low-frequency humming, Engine and powertrain noises, Study of impact from forces acting on engine mounts or subframe fastening points, Noises from tarmac and road surfaces.