Dokat Robotics UV Solutions

Partnered with Dokat, we provide Air sanitising solutions such as Dokat Air, World’s first Deep UV Air Sanitizer. Uniquely designed UV-C light radiating chamber makes it one of the most effective in disinfecting airborne pathogens. Highly effective in killing germs like bacteria, virus, molds.


Dokat Air adopts fully sealed air purification design. The UV-C Chamber is completely sealed with 100% leakage protection. Safe for humans, pets or plants.
• Prevents the spread of air-borne infections & diseases
• Kills Bacteria, Viruses & Molds
• Reduces odor
• Quiet operation @ 40db
• UV leak resistant
• Highly Effective cleans 1000 cubic feet of Air in 1 hr
• No filter design. No filter replacement required
• No Ozone. Odorless operation

Dokat 2

Dokat 3

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