NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness)

NVH calculations allow conclusions to be drawn on how to implement improvements with regard to acoustics, vibrations and comfort. Typical fields of application include investigating steering wheel shake, gear lever vibration and sound propagation in the passenger compartment.

When products are put into operation, it is inevitable that vibrations will occur in their structure due to their specific product properties and external stimulation. This leads to a risk of fatigue, structural damage or failure, or simply excessive noise. We at MGS use comprehensive NVH analyses to identify and optimise dynamic structural properties. We also carry out damped and undamped vibration analysis on different vibration systems to determine dynamic structural properties. Dynamic behaviour can be analysed, predicted and improved based on natural frequencies and structural responses over a period of time and over a specific frequency range.

To perform a complete NVH – noise, vibration & harshness – analysis acoustic models are attached to the existing structure. Information about noise levels and noise emissions is obtained by transmitting sound from vibrating components to the surroundings, the process being represented in an acoustic model.