PPE is the essential Back to Work products, to ensure the health and safety of the workers. We have partnered with authorised distributors across the world to help with the procurement of PPE. We have a list of authorised distributors for Masks, Gloves and other PPE products with every day updates of the stock availability, shipping availability, delivery timelines. We have a team that facilitates the introduction of authorised buyers and sellers for PPE procurement smoothly across the world.

Explore the PPE products here:

• 3-ply Surgical Mask
• 3M™ 1860/1860S
• 3M 1860 N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirator & Surgical Mask
• 3M N95 8210 Face Mask and other 3M masks.
• Nitrile Gloves
• Cranberry Gloves
• Cardinal Gloves
• Multi-mode Thermometer





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